A+ energy rated windows

Ada Windows Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of A+ rated energy efficient UPVC windows into its production line. Having recently registered with the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) management said “it’s important to keep production in line with client requirements”.

“The British Fenestration Rating Council is the UK’s most trusted rating council for verifying the energy performance of windows and doors. In 1997, BFRC was founded to establish the window energy rating system for the UK, to raise standards and drive performance in the industry. Now the BFRC is Europe’s No. 1 ratings council, with the most widely-used rating system” said the BRFC.

“The BFRC rainbow rating confirms products have been independently verified by experts in building physics. Also that they have been assessed to ensure the whole system will perform as promised. This gives installers and homeowners the evidence they need to make the right choice for each home’s window and door energy performance requirements. So, when manufacturing, installing or choosing windows or doors, remember that invisible performance matters and only a BFRC rating can be truly trusted to prove it. Proof your products will perform as promised” says the BFRC.

The production of A+ rated windows is seen as a key step by Ada Windows Ltd management and expects to increase sales whilst maintaining a high level of quality production.

The Company is set to add further licences to its BFRC approved production configurations in the near future.

For further information on the BFRC and our registration please visit www.bfrc.org